Who should foot the bill for heating offices this winter when prices rise - employers or home workers? - The YP says

Working from home has become the new normal for millions of employees over the past year-and-a-half, and whatever course the pandemic takes over the coming months, it is certain that a permanent change in the pattern of many professional lives is now established.

Splitting weeks between home and office will undoubtedly continue, but a balance has be struck between what is in the interests of employers and those who work for them.

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There will be some concern amongst employees over today’s findings that substantial numbers of small companies are considering ordering their staff to work at home because of the punitive costs of heating offices.

Leeds city centre

Whilst it is understandable that firms are worried in the face of steeply rising bills, the views of employees must also be taken into account if they are effectively being expected to foot increased costs of staying warm at home during working days.

Household fuel bills are no less a worry than those for companies, and there will be some resentment from workers about having their employers’ problems shifted onto them.

This is a matter that the Government must address. So far, it has done too little to come up with solutions to business concerns about fuel bills that are rising because of worldwide gas price increases.

Labour’s call for VAT to be abolished on energy bills merits serious consideration, at least whilst fuel prices are soaring. Neither companies, nor the people who work for them, should be left facing bills that they cannot afford.