This is why I back Nigel Farage over Gina Miller in Brexit debate - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Jon Marcus, Colville Gardens, Lightwater.

WHAT an outpouring of nonsensical bile from arch-Remainer Gina Miller who dislikes our democratic right in voting to leave the EU so much she is doing her best to thwart Brexit (The Yorkshire Post, May 21).

Ms Miller is now obsessed 
with Nigel Farage who wants, on behalf of 17.4 million voters, to 
see the referendum result honoured.

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She obviously did not like him asking her on television what part of ‘Leave’ she did not understand and she was a major donor of an anti-Farage scare campaign depicting him as a vampire in adverts with bloodshot eyes and vampire fangs.

So much for intelligent debate if she has to sink that low.

In her article she says no one voted in June 2016 for Mr Farage to be Prime Minister. Obviously not, he is not even an MP.

She then goes on to say poll after poll shows the British public is turning against Brexit. That is not what I am hearing and seeing.

She says his Brexit Party is the obvious receptacle for the hard right vote.

No, it is the obvious receptacle for the 17.4 million and others who want to again live in a sovereign, self-ruling, independent nation, something that most people under the age of about 55 have not experienced.

Ms Miller says Mr Farage has no manifesto and has nothing constructive to say.

She has obviously not listened to what he is saying up and down the country and his new party’s manifesto will be published as soon as we get parliamentary elections.

In her rantings she says he has a grim vision for Britain and will privatise the NHS and this will be “a country where it won’t be a good idea to be a member of a minority faith or weak or poor or ill or gay or old or foreign as Mr Farage sets about re-shaping our world with Mr Trump”.

I rest my case.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

NIGEL Farage has sent a clear message to the two major parties – get on with Brexit or suffer the consequences.

Theresa May and the Conservatives have made such a mess of our leaving the EU that the electorate has taken their revenge and will do so again at the next general election 
unless the Brexit vote is honoured and I must say that is on a knife edge.

Even staunch Labour voters have spoken through the polls that they are dissatisfied with their leaders.

Mrs May should go now – not in late July.