Why I believe sweeping denigration of European neighbours unjustified – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.
Theresa May at a Nato summit.Theresa May at a Nato summit.
Theresa May at a Nato summit.

THERE is no doubt that the Americans have proved to be a faithful ally and without them our recent history could have been very different. However, there is no justification for Ross Taggart’s sweeping denigration of our neighbours, especially the Germans and the French (The Yorkshire Post, April 11).

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It is unfair to ascribe the absence of “a resurgence of German militarism” entirely to American and British peacekeeping forces. Conscience, reparations and sheer hard work have made Germany one of the world’s most admired nations, not least by most of us Brits.

As for the French, I was unaware of the enduring “Napoleonic pretensions” the US had kept at bay. That doesn’t sound like a nation of “cheese-eating surrender-monkeys”.

Isn’t it time we all moved on?

From: Charles Lawson, Halifax Road, Brighouse.

MARY Creagh MP and the People’s Vote campaign referred to a poll of 6,000 people conducted in the North (The Yorkshire Post, April 16). I do not know the details of this survey, nor the questions asked, so I can’t comment on how valid it was. I can, however, state hard facts that do not support this supposed groundswell of support for a second referendum.

In the 2015 election, the moderate pro-EU Lib Dems lost four million votes after they betrayed their supporters on tuition fees. In 2016 the referendum resulted in a Leave vote. In the 2017 election the Lib Dems stood on a second referendum platform and the four million lost voters did not return to the fold. The People’s Vote campaign and its supporters are deluding themselves.

From: Terry Watson, Adel.

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IF Andrea Leadsom had been chosen as PM instead of the useless ditherer we are stuck with, we would have left the EU months ago. However, the Conservative ‘Remainers’ chose to ignore the will of the majority of voters who voted to leave, and picked Theresa May.

She is another ‘Remainer’ who, with the help of a team of advisers, have made a laughing stock of the country.

The EU negotiators have got all they wanted. They are to be given £39bn and we haven’t got a trade deal yet. If May had any pride at all, she would resign.

From: Mr R Watkinson, Leeds.

THERESA May must stand down now. She is an embarrassment to herself and the British people.