Why Philip Allott should be sacked as crime commissioner over Sarah Everard remarks - Yorkshire Post Letters

This newspaper's call on Monday for Philip Allott to resign as North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has prompted a strong response from readers.

Philip Allott, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for York and North Yorkshire
Philip Allott, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for York and North Yorkshire

Many suggest he should be sacked - and question why this is not possible - after he told women to be more streetwise after the abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard, whose family originally come from York, by serving Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens.

Here's what you said.

@keithtordoffMBE. "His position is untenable for working with victims, their loved ones, organisations, the Police, emergency services and people of North Yorkshire. He is now a liability to the office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner of North Yorkshire. Time to do the right thing."

@Laughnload. "The Prime Minister said he was wrong, the Labour leader says he was wrong and countless people astounded and shocked at his lack of professionalism. Who holds him to account?"

@Jo_WhiteheadUK. "I’m not sure if there are any Tories left who’d act with honour sadly."

@GranvillesYork. "He’s a Tory. Honour? You’re having a laugh."

@bashford94. "Not even honour…just basic decency to do the right thing."

@IamPaulWhiting. "We all deserve better. This individual shouldn’t be in charge of policing if he still has so much to learn about the vital area of women’s safety."

@ros_hutchinson. "North Yorkshire County Council leader Carl Les seems key in this. Another area of concern for him – Welcome to Yorkshire and now Philip Allott."

@KeithKeithya. "That’s what he should do, but unlikely he will. He’ll take his lead from Boris Johnson and blame someone else. It’s a matter of time before you’re blamed for accurately reporting what he said and creating an unnecessary fuss."

Belinda Stares. "Absolutely confirms the theory that these white, middle aged, privileged men who are in charge think of themselves as gods. This man should go. I hope NYCC do the correct thing here, and stand up for women throughout the county."

Yiannis Joseph Monaghan. "If this were the sort of issue on which a Tory would resign, the PM, home Secretary and most of the Cabinet would have resigned for their own misdemeanours."

Andy Pogson. "Surely there must be a discipline code that will cover his conduct?"

Liz Musk. "Boris Johnson himself, however, had shown a disregard, and is ignorant and disrespectful, of this issue."

Yorkshire Man. "Get rid, he’s not got a clue."

Marjorie Cowling. "Personifies total ignorance, he’s in the wrong job. Time to go."

Vivienne Fincham. "His comments give power to the argument that misogyny should be made a crime – which is what they are doing in Scotland."

Otter Richardson. "He won’t step down. I don’t think he he gets how angry people are at his comments."

David Jenkyns. "He does not want to resign – he wants the sack."

Cheryl Burrows. "Should be sacked, never mind resign."

Gareth Taylor. "Unfortunately Tories don’t resign for poor performance or controversial idiotic outbursts like this. It’s not how politics operates any more."

Cairistiòna Mac Aoidh. "He put his foot in his mouth – get over it."

Nigel Ward. "Note the final paragraph of his pre-election blurb: 'I have a history of being on the right side of victims through my council and community work, so I see the PFCC role as an extension of this.'”