Why 'Sir' Keir Starmer should drop his title to win back support - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Chris Skidmore, Witham Court, Barnsley.

If Angela Rayner and her colleagues really wish to re-connect with the disillusioned ex-Labour supporters, a good start could be made by issuing a “public apology” to the globally respected Ken Loach and begging him to re-join the Labour Party in an effort at some semblance of reunification.

I would humbly suggest that “Sir Keir Starmer” and his very title also add to the antagonism created by his “witch hunt” of anyone with even a “remotely leftist viewpoint” or dare I suggest “socialist view”?

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One of the most respected politicians of recent memory was Tony Benn, who renounced his peerage to sit on the “green benches”.

Should Sir Keir Starmer drop his title?

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Might I also suggest that Keir Starmer does a lot more listening and a little less pontificating, especially in areas of the country that feels badly let down by Labour’s poor performance at every level.

If Jeremy Corbyn could be accused of dithering, then Keir Starmer’s lack of realistic and meaningful challenge over the past 18 months takes on “tortoise-like” proportions