The Yorkshire Post deserves praise for holding truth to power in general election – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: The Reverend Canon Sam Corley, Rector of Leeds.

The Reverend Sam Corley is the Rector of Leeds.

MANY of us who see a little bit of the behind the scenes stuff you face on a daily basis at The Yorkshire Post, and other newspapers, are aware of the pressures you work under and the sheer number of decisions you have to make with limited resources under tight deadlines.

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You get little credit for that most of the time and all too few appreciate the value of a robust local media until it disappears and it’s too late.

James Mitchinson is editor of The Yorkshire Post.

I am delighted that, as the curtain has been pulled back on your world a little bit this week, the support you received in particularly testing times has been so positive, and that the deeper people have dug they have unearthed nothing but integrity, honesty and determination to do the right thing.

All of that seems scarce at the moment and no doubt, in the short term, it would have been much easier for you to have left all of that behind along with so many others. Thank you for staying true to yourselves, to those you lead and the values of the papers you edit.

From: Dr John D Rayner, North Ferriby.

The Yorkshire Post's front page on Thursday.

I CONGRATULATE The Yorkshire Post for its front page comment (December 12) and your trenchant condemnation of the wild west ‘maelstrom of misinformation’ that is the world wide web.

It is many years since the battle of principle was fought and won in the financial marketplace, when credit card companies were made jointly responsible in law with traders, so that disappointed customers could reclaim from their credit card account in the event of non-fulfilment of a purchase. What is to stop legislation to make all internet companies jointly liable with their contributor account holders for the legal probity of all content?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

IF your life depended on it, would you trust the tried-and-trusted journalism of The Yorkshire Post or the spew-and-send outbursts of social/antisocial media? I might sometimes disagree with this paper’s conclusions; but not with its veracity.

From: John Thwaite, Hellifield, Skipton.

REMAINERS wanted any decision put back to a people’s vote! After the election, it seems as if we have already had it. Boris Johnson, like or loathe him has a job to do. Let him get on with it, deal or no deal. Let’s be out and on our way!