YP Letters: Energy price cap should apply to oil suppliers

What can be done to keep energy bills in check?
What can be done to keep energy bills in check?
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From: Mr K Blount, White Cross Lane, Wadworth, Doncaster.

IT was interesting to read that Parliament has approved a price cap on energy bills, and that Ofgem is now preparing to consult on the level at which the cap will be set.

It indicates that up to 11 million homes that are on the standard variable tariffs will see their bills reduced this winter, and this is all to the good for households that are on a mains gas supply.

However, there are numerous vulnerable households, particularly in the countryside, that for various reasons are reliant on the suppliers that deliver gas or oil by road 

Many of these households have extremely large heating bills in excess of £1,800 per year for heating, plus a further £1,200 for electricity. Will the proposed cap be extended to these companies, 
and be beneficial to these households that are not on mains supplies?

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

GIVEN the controversy over smart meters, can a politician task an engineer with coming up with a device that is compatible with all energy suppliers? If not, it makes a mockery of attempts to get people to switch to keep bills in check.