YP Letters: Johnson and Trump less scary than Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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From: Brian Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

MOOTING the potential of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Bernard Ingham briefly compares him with Donald Trump and another contender for high office, Jeremy Corbyn (The Yorkshire Post, August 15).

He simply dismisses Corbyn as “profoundly ignorant”. I would also question the Labour leader’s constancy: he has been married three times, left school with two Es at A-level and dropped out of North London Polytechnic.

Trump and Johnson are both very bright, though in disparate ways. I believe Trump when he says that he was a good “stoodent” and proven to have a high IQ. However, he doesn’t come across as especially well educated or interested in cultural pursuits.

Unlike Johnson, who is a true scholar and intellectual and happens to write beautifully with apparent ease.

Trump and Johnson’s positive qualities alone do not indicate suitability for high office, especially when accompanied by vanity and an apparently uncontrollable urge to upset whole nations and cultures with throw-away lines.

Add to this their absurd, self-inflicted personal appearance.

However, they scare me less than Corbyn who could become the most stupid Prime Minister in history.