YP Letters: Joyful and inspiring sight of Special Olympics

Competitors at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.
Competitors at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.
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From: Anthony Hopkins, Guiseley, Leeds.

HOW wonderful to see all those sportsmen and women gathering in Sheffield for the Special Olympics.

In spite of their learning disabilities they are so full of happiness and joy, which 
sets such a wonderful example to us all.

It is one which could well be followed by some of the contestants in the present 
World Championships who 
are full of their own self-importance.

Let us not forget that many of the contestants in Sheffield would never have been in this world if many persons in the present culture of death pervading our society had their ways.

Sadly, Government funding 
is to be withdrawn from 
future Special Olympics 
after the conclusion of the 2017 games.

From: Max Nottingham, Lincoln.

USAIN Bolt calmed the hysteria by giving a personal explanation for losing at the World Championships to Justin Gatlin (The Yorkshire Post, August 7). His stature rose as he did so. The answer to the ‘life ban’ call for cheats is that none of us are perfect.