YP Letters: Our enemies will be happy with Labour

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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From: Tim Hunter, Farfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

I’M not sure which country Labour represents anymore. Perhaps it’s Russia?

It’s certainly not Britain, that’s for sure. Labour does not care about the economic wellbeing or security of Britain at all.

Firstly, through its opportunistic posturing, Labour has weakened Britain’s hand in the sensitive Brexit negotiations with the EU. I am sure the EU are very pleased with Labour.

Then, Labour casts doubt on Russia’s responsibility for the attempted murder of the Skripals on British soil. I am sure Labour’s views on this poisoning have been very welcome in the Kremlin. Labour have now failed to wholeheartedly support the recent airstrikes on Syria. Once again – our enemies will benefit and our allies will be disappointed.

Labour should be pleased that these recent strikes were a precise, proportionate and quite moderate response to the recent chemical weapon attacks in Syria. This response, taken by the Conservative government, is in stark contrast to the reckless military exploits of last Labour government.

Labour, at best, exaggerated (and, at worst, falsified) the case for war and regime change in Iraq. The resulting regime change destabilised the Middle East, allowed the rise of Daesh and gave rise to the current situation we now face in Syria.

As usual, Labour has put us all in a dangerous situation, which the Conservative government is now trying to sort out. Labour has gone from one extreme to another – from warmongering to pacifism – both of which are equally as dangerous. A Labour government would, effectively, be direct rule from the Kremlin.

From: Paul Emsley, Hellifield.

SO, Parliament believes that it should be allowed to debate any decision to carry out military action before we do anything. This sounds to me as to be a recipe for disaster for our Armed Forces and security personnel.

If Members of Parliament have as much knowledge about Syria, as they had on advising their constituents on staying in or leaving the European Union, we would still be discussing the Dresden raid!

When we vote for a government in this country, the result of that selection vests a range of responsibilities in that government to take timely decisions on our behalf as a democratic nation.

If certain people don’t agree with that, canvas about changing it during an election; not when we are in real danger from a bunch of dictators.

From: Steven McNamara, Middlesbrough.

BASSETLAW MP John Mann has done nothing but publicly slate the twice-elected leader of Labour for three years (The Yorkshire Post, April 19).

I’ve never seen the man challenge the Tories, he agreed with their Welfare Reform Bill in 2015 and never voted against it, he supported the Prime Minister’s warmongering in Syria. I’d deselect him yesterday.

From: JD Clark, Burnsall.

WE all needed a reason to be more optimistic about our future in view of the Windrush migrants debacle, Corbynism, Daesh and possible Russian cyber attacks.

It was provided by the superlative ITV programme featuring the Queen, Sir David Attenborough, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Angelina Jolie and her family.

Her Majesty the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy is a brilliant idea. How lucky we are to have a Royal Family which really cares and another nonagerian of quality in Sir David Attenborough!

Surely there cannot be many republicans left in Britain in view of the Royal Family’s recent sensational revival after its earlier misfortunes?

I certainly hope not; we should recognise our good fortune in having this fantastic family, which is revered throughout the world.

Speaking our language...

From: Mr J Proctor, PPB Ltd, Knowsthorpe Gate, Leeds.

THE Tour de Yorkshire reminds me of a Yorkshireman who phoned his coal merchant and asked for “10 bags of best si vous plait”.

“Si vous what?”

“That’s French for ‘if you please’.”

“Oh aye, how do you want them – cul de sac or a la carte?”

From: Stephen R Hill, Todwick, Sheffield.

IS there any chance we could refer to this great cycling event as The Tour of Yorkshire or perhaps The Tour ‘O’ Yorkshire instead of the silly Tour de Yorkshire?

Sailing in to a traffic jam

From: Sheila Rider, Mickleby Drive, Whitby.

WHEN the replica ship Endeavour arrives, there will be a great surge of popularity for Whitby (The Yorkshire Post, April 14).

What is so worrying is the nose to tail congestion within the town centre. It is all very well enticing more visitors, but how do we provide space, accommodation and

room to relax once they arrive?

Free to spend just as we like

From: David Daniels, Crompton Avenue, Doncaster.

BY singling out railway enthusiasts for criticism on how they spend their money, Gerry Vincent (The Yorkshire Post, April 17) is not doing Alzheimers Research UK any favours.

Many charities have hardly covered themselves in glory and the public at large are becoming quite wary.

Until such time as Jeremy Corbyn gets into No 10, people are at liberty to spend their money wherever they choose – and without being demonised.