YP Letters: Stop hounding PM and pull together for sake of Britain

Britain should support Theresa May over the Grenfell tragedy, say readers.
Britain should support Theresa May over the Grenfell tragedy, say readers.
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From: Mrs EH Bell, Newland Avenue, Driffield.

HOW I agree with the article by Tom Richmond on the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the letter from Mrs P Russell (The Yorkshire Post, June 20).

What a blessing the Prime Minister has a strong enough personality to cope with the never-ending criticism which is constantly directed at her.

Why, as a country, is it not possible for everyone to pull together and behave like mature adults instead of immature children, which is getting this wonderful country of ours nowhere very fast?

From: Mrs A Brennan, Stoops Lane, Bessacarr, Doncaster.

THERESA May is being hounded by the media and being blamed for every disaster that happens now. Crazy!

Regarding the Grenfell Tower tragedy, she did visit victims in hospital, as well as talking to the emergency services. I have no doubt that she conducted herself with concern and dignity. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand had to be seen giving sympathy and hugging survivors. Of course he is well practised in that respect, given that he has been doing it for years – albeit with terrorists.

Regarding Brexit, it has been hinted by the EU negotiators that Mrs May’s election result has weakened our negotiation position. They have obviously conveniently forgotten Mrs Merkel’s disastrous policy to have an open door influx of refugees.

My reason for voting to leave was because I did not want my country to become part of a Federal State of Europe, presumably ruled by Germany. My father and millions of other men fought in two world wars to prevent that from happening.

From: Mr J Penn, Hedon, Hull.

EVERYTHING we do now has to be done very quickly and make the highest profit that can be achieved.

Obviously, to build safe high rise blocks of flats, skill and patience is an essential element.

To exit the European Union will take years. Surely we should speed that process up and slow down the construction of high rise buildings?

From: Bryan Owram, Main Street, Esholt.

IT has recently been revealed that the unexpected outcome in the General Election was due to the unprecedented turnout of young voters.

This phenomenon appears to vindicate the time-honoured adage “Anyone who has a heart is a socialist at 18; anyone who has a brain is a Conservative at 25!”