YP Letters: World-class universities put Yorkshire in the spotlight

Yorkshire is home to a number of world-leading universities.
Yorkshire is home to a number of world-leading universities.
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From: Ian M. Houston, Clydebuilt International, Washington DC.

ON a recent trip to Yorkshire from Washington DC, I had the pleasure of informally touring several university campuses and having many conversations with students and faculty.

I was struck by the common unifying theme in what they said – pride in attending university in Yorkshire and the specific school they were studying at. There was vibrancy in their voices, a sparkle in their eyes.

Students and staff spoke of diversity, location, research, and of a growing public commitment to their needs.

Yorkshire is the home to a remarkable set of unique universities and colleges.

According to Yorkshire Universities, higher education in the county attracts approximately 210,000 students each year including roughly 35,000 from 150 countries. These students inject significant resources into the regional economy with a purchasing power estimated at nearly £1bn.

The Universities of York and Leeds consistently and rightfully rank high as top research and academic institutions.

Yet the contributions of universities and students extends far beyond these two well respected schools to include fine institutions like York St John, Bradford, Leeds Beckett, Sheffield, Leeds Arts, Hull, to name a few.

There is a palpable energy of innovation across the region worthy of global investment. International business, research institutions, and universities outside of the UK should be forging partnerships with 
these schools, recruiting students, and setting up 
shop in Yorkshire which has first rate public transportation, standards of living, and natural beauty.

Additionally, international students should seriously consider attending one of 
these universities because of what the institutions offer academically, but also because 
of location.

If one truly wants to go beyond the course to be studied, learn of Britain, and more directly absorb the British character of hard work, innovation, creativity, warmth, and hospitality, then seriously look at a university in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire higher education is truly delivering.

Global private enterprise, job recruiters, international universities and students who aspire to study in Britain need to be awake and alert to this dynamic culture of growth and innovation.

The simple message is: Think Yorkshire Universities!