Oscar-nominated actor calls on Prime Minister to abandon fracking plans

OSCAR-NOMINATED actor Mark Ruffalo has called on the Prime Minister to abandon fracking and leave fossil fuels in the ground.

Mark Ruffalo

A prominent opponent of fracking in the US, Ruffalo warned David Cameron he was making “a legacy mistake” in supporting the controversial process of extracting gas by hydraulic fracturing.

Ruffalo, who has attracted critical acclaim for his role in the film Spotlight, and is nominated for best supporting actor at this year’s Oscars, made the remarks in an interview with environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth.

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Tomorrow, a planning inspector will hear energy firm Cuadrilla’s appeal against last summer’s rejection of plans for exploratory fracking in west Lancashire by county councillors.

In a direct message to the Prime Minister, Ruffalo said: “Mr Cameron you are making an enormous mistake, and it’s a legacy mistake, because there is no fracking that can be done safely.

“Today we are at the precipice of a renewable energy revolution. This is the new economy. We had 200 countries from around the world all agree that it’s time to leave fossil fuels in the ground.”

The inquiry starts on Tuesday at Blackpool FC Hotel and Conference Centre.

The news comes days after North Yorkshire Police confirmed it was assessing a complaint about the objections lodged to a planning application to frack at Kirby Misperton in Ryedale.