ALDI Glowberry: Supermarket becomes first in UK to stock Glowberry Prime Hydration flavour by Logan Paul and KSI

In a UK supermarket first, Aldi is bringing the brand-new flavour of Prime Hydration Drink, Glowberry, to its stores.

For just £1.99, the drink will be available as a Specialbuy from Tuesday October 17, Aldi said.

"And as with all Specialbuys – once they’re gone, they’re gone!”, the store reported.

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The new Glowberry flavour, which tastes of sour apple berries, has not been widely available in supermarkets for fans in the UK, but luckily for Aldi shoppers, the highly sought-after variant will be available nationwide after proving extremely popular with shoppers over in the US.

ALDI is launching Glowberry in storesALDI is launching Glowberry in stores
ALDI is launching Glowberry in stores

Shoppers can try and get their hands on the ‘Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ variants of the Glowberry flavour, as the incredibly scarce bottles land in Aldi stores.

Prime Hydration, which is 10% coconut water, contains electrolytes, B vitamins and BCAAs, has zero sugar and only around 20 calories per bottle.

Following previous launches of Prime in stores, the supermarket saw high shopper demand.

To ensure as many people as possible get the opportunity to buy the Glowberry flavour, a purchase limit of one per customer has been set.

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