Animals 'getting the care they deserve' after being rescued from squalid Yorkshire sanctuary

Animals rescued from a squalid sanctuary in Yorkshire are recovering at new homes and are ‘getting the care they deserve’ after being found diseased and dying in their own filth.

19 roosters and a rabbit were saved from Bentley’s Rooster Farm and Rescue in Doncaster last week after the premises were closed. The sanctuary’s owners were given a lifetime ban from allotments in Doncaster following concerns of animal neglect as well as threats and intimidation against critics.

Nearby Manor Estate Farm came to the aid of the animals and a spokesman said they are now settling in and receiving treatment for a number of conditions.

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It said: “They have successfully been rescued and are now getting the care they deserve.

The roosters are now recovering at Manor Estate Farm after being rescuedThe roosters are now recovering at Manor Estate Farm after being rescued
The roosters are now recovering at Manor Estate Farm after being rescued

“The rabbit had no food or water and was living in his own filth. He has been taken in by a family who will give him the love and care he deserves.

“The 19 roosters are now in quarantine at Manor Estate Farm. The birds are all being treated for respiratory infections, malnutrition, scaly leg mites, lice and red mite. Red mite usually live in the coops but these roosters are that infested, the red mite was covering them.

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“Sadly, during the rescue of the 19 roosters, many carcasses of deceased birds were found scattered around the site and left with no dignity in death.

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"The overwhelming stench and rot of the allotment tells its own story. Sadly for one rooster, who we called Boris, it was too late and he had to be euthanised.

“Once the roosters are back to full health, we will be actively seeking new homes for these beautiful survivors. They deserve to be shown love after what they have gone through.

“Unfortunately the whereabouts of other animals such as the goats, hens, rabbits and geese is unknown. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these animals and are concerned about them please contact Manor Estate Farm who will help where they can.”

Last week, Rooster Farm owners Aaron McIntytre and Jodie Swann were banned for life from allotments run by Bentley Allotment Committee after being evicted.

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Volunteers found animals living in squalid, rubbish strewn pens, covered in droppings and surrounded by the carcasses of dead birds. Concerned critics who tackled the pair were subjected to threats and abuse.

A Manor Estate spokesman added: “Many people who have spoken out have received nasty threats including threats of violence to themselves and homes. These have come from Aaron, Jodie, their family and their neighbours.

“While Manor Estate Farm were not responsible for the shut down of Rooster Farm, they are concerned for the animals and that is their focus.

“There are many experienced animal lovers who have lent a hand in this rescue mission who are all at hand to help where they can.”