Baby gecko from Zanzibar discovered in holidaymaker's suitcase in Yorkshire

A baby gecko survived a 5,000-mile trip from Zanzibar to Yorkshire after finding its way into a holidaymaker’s suitcase.

The tiny lizard, about the size of a pound coin, was found by a couple four days after they arrived back home in Blackwell Crescent, Wakefield. They had started unpacking when they arrived home on March 23, but it was four days later when they spotted something moving in one of the cases.

The put the tiny gecko into a plastic container and called the RSPCA, who came to rescue the animal.

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Animal Rescue Officer David Holgate said: “It is a big surprise that the gecko survived such a long haul journey in a suitcase - then to stay there for another four days before being spotted is pretty amazing. We’d like to thank the couple for contacting us and the animal rescue centre who helped us with this little lizard.”

The baby gecko was found in a suitcase in West YorkshireThe baby gecko was found in a suitcase in West Yorkshire
The baby gecko was found in a suitcase in West Yorkshire

The stowaway was taken to Reptilia Exotic Animal Rescue in Ossett to be looked after. A spokesperson for the centre said: “Accidentally imported geckos are very commonly seen in the majority of reptile rescues up and down the country. We have a few of them with us at the moment that have come from various continents.

"They seem to adapt very well to captivity and are seen to thrive in bioactive settings. Once this one has settled in it will be ready to be rehomed once the quarantine period has passed.”

With geckos unable to survive in UK temperatures, they have to be rehomed to specialist keepers, zoos or wildlife parks.