Britain's loneliest dog: Apollo the three-year-old American bulldog hoping for new home

'Britain's loneliest dog' is looking for a forever home before Christmas - after spending an entire year in kennels.

Apollo, a three-year-old American bulldog, has been at the RSPCA's Doncaster and Rotherham branch since November last year. Very few people have shown interest in adopting the 'affectionate' dog, sparking an appeal from the charity.

RSPCA worker Megan Bullock says it's 'really surprising' nobody has adopted the white and brindle animal yet and hopes he will find a new home by Christmas.

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She said: "It is just so sad that, a year on, he's still patiently waiting for someone to take him home. He is a big dog - but that just means he has a big heart. One thing that became incredibly obvious to us right off the bat was that this boy lives for affection.

Apollo the American bulldogApollo the American bulldog
Apollo the American bulldog

"Whether it be a booty scratch or a face squish, there's nothing this boy won't do for a bit of love. Apollo also has those puppy dog eyes down to a tee and he knows full well how to use them to his advantage."

Megan describes Apollo as a 'very large puppy' and because of this, thinks it would be beneficial for him to live in an adult only home with no other pets.

She said with the 'correct socialisation', he would eventually 'be more than capable of making a few doggy pals.'

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Megan said: "Apollo is essentially a very large puppy who knows just how to throw his weight around and with this, it would be advantageous for Apollo's future owners to have experience with large breeds. He still requires some training to help him with his manners, but anyone who has seen him in action can tell you just how much potential Apollo has should this training be continued.

"Apollo also adores his food and his toys, both of which make his training plan run all the more smoothly. At this moment in time we believe it would be beneficial for Apollo to live in an adult only home with no other pets. However with the correct socialisation, we believe Apollo could be more than capable of making a few doggy pals."

Anyone interested in adopting Apollo can fill in a Perfect Match form on the branch's website or can email [email protected] for more information.