Comedian Paul Smith announces celebrity super fight with Jake Quickenden during Yorkshire podcast

Comedian Paul Smith headed to Yorkshire to record a podcast with his Leeds hero Beard Meats Food and Josh Gudgeon ahead of his celebrity super fight with Jake Quickenden.

In the podcast, the fight was revealed as Paul and Jake are currently in training for their MMA debut at the AO Arena in Manchester later this year in OKTAGON MMA's Stage to the Cage series.

Paul, who has sold out his UK tour, was in Morley for the Breaking Bread Podcast by Adam Moran of Beard Meats Food and co-host Josh Gudgeon when the viral comedian announced he’d be taking on the reality TV star Jake.

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Co-host of the podcast Josh, who is also hosting the MMA events for OKTAGON, said: “Paul’s gone from being a comedian I loved to watch on the internet to a mate as I’ve been filming his Oktagon training journey as he builds up to the big fight. I’ve followed him around the UK, so it was great to have him in the studio in Morley.”

Josh Gudgeon, Paul Smith and Adam Moran on the Breaking Bread Podcast.Josh Gudgeon, Paul Smith and Adam Moran on the Breaking Bread Podcast.
Josh Gudgeon, Paul Smith and Adam Moran on the Breaking Bread Podcast.

When around the podcasting table, Paul admitted he was a big fan of Adam’s and often watched his food videos when he was on a diet.

The Liverpudlian stand-up comedian said: “I’m trying not to fanboy too much as I’m a big fan of yours.”

Adam said that while he wasn’t one for watching stand-up comedy, his sister was a big fan.

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He said: “We’ve got the first guest that people might actually recognise.”

Adam Moran - Beard Meats FoodAdam Moran - Beard Meats Food
Adam Moran - Beard Meats Food

The trio shared similar experiences of the highs and lows you feel when you’re performing, whether it be the adrenaline rush high on a YouTube video or for Paul when he’s on stage and the lows afterwards or for Josh when he is presenting an MMA fight.

Josh said: “It was great to have Paul in the studio and on the show. I’ve been lucky enough to build a relationship with Paul over the past few months in the build-up to the ‘Stage to the Cage’, where Paul will be making his professional debut in mixed martial arts. He’s also donating all his purse to charity, he’s an amazing human.”

Paul and 34-year-old Jake, who found fame on The X Factor before finishing as runner-up on I'm a Celebrity and winning Dancing on Ice, are part way through their 10 months of intense training before stepping into the OKTAGON limelight.

Adam, Paul, and Josh spent over an hour and a half chatting about everything from food challenges, and MMA to their lives going ‘viral’ online.

Watch the episode here: