Eggborough power station in Yorkshire destroyed in explosion in new Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw trailer

A new trailer for Hollywood action movie Hobbs & Shaw includes footage of Eggborough power station being blown up in an action sequence.

An action sequence in the movie
An action sequence in the movie

A second promotional video for the film - which is a spin-off from the Fast & Furious franchise starring Idris Elba, The Rock and Jason Statham - was released today.

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It's due for cinema release this summer, and several scenes from the movie were shot on location at the decommissioned Eggborough power station, near Selby, in autumn 2018.

An action shot featuring Eggborough's cooling towers

The site stood in for the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Chernobyl, where a reactor infamously exploded in 1986, causing the surrounding area to be evacuated and abandoned. Several stunt sequences involving helicopters and high-performance cars were filmed at Eggborough in November.

In the new trailer, a scene shows the cooling towers being destroyed by an explosion - which luckily was recreated using CGI and special effects.

During filming, local residents spotted a convoy of Land Rovers driving into the facility - a shot which appears in panorama on the Hobbs & Shaw trailer. The power station's cooling towers can be seen at several points in the video.

The cast and crew were thought to have stayed in the Doncaster area during filming - members at a gym in Adwick, near Doncaster, were shocked when The Rock turned up one day for a work-out.

A panoramic view of a convoy of Land Rovers entering the Eggborough site, which is no longer an operational power station

He spent 90 minutes training and chatting with other bodybuilders - including owner Craie Carrera, a Mr Universe competitor.

Craie's wife Alicia said:-

“We only knew half an hour beforehand that he was coming. When he walked in, people couldn’t believe it. A few weeks ago, we were visited by a bodyguard who said he had a famous client who was filming in the area and was interested in using the gym. He said he couldn’t say who it was and we didn’t ask. He took some photos and details of the gym and said he would get back to us when he had spoken to his client.

“When he turned up, he was great. He was chatting to members, posing for photos and signing autographs and everything. He was absolutely wonderful. One member got a shirt signed.

High-performance and modified vehicles were seen on the set at Eggborough

“He was really interested in Craie’s bodybuilding and was asking him about Mr Universe. He was giving him some tips and ideas for his training. He put him through his paces a bit!”

The film is due for release on August 2. Dwayne Johnson - aka The Rock - will play Agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham is mercenary Deckard Shaw. Idris Elba and The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby also star as a villain and an MI6 agent respectively.

Eggborough closed in September 2018, shortly before filming commenced, and there are plants to convert the site into a gas-fired power plant.

Filming took place at Eggborough last autumn