Flamborough Fire Festival: Fireworks and fireballs end 2022 at historic festival

A burst of fireworks and fireballs will signal the start of this year’s Flamborough Fire Festival tonight.

The seaside village will throb to the beat of Viking drums as the spectacular event unfolds from 8pm.

A warm-up at 7pm will see the Volsung Vikings, led by Jarl Thorstein Oxleg, re-enact their AD 850 invasion of Flamborough. The festival concludes with a final fireworks spectacular at 10pm.

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Other highlights include the UK’s strongest Viking, Thorkell the Tall (Ryan Linley), attempting to pull the festival's Viking Longship across the arena, 30 Flamborough fireballers, and more than 1,000 people taking part in a torch-lit procession with a replica Viking longship.

Flamborough Fire FestivalFlamborough Fire Festival
Flamborough Fire Festival

There are prizes for the best-dressed Viking while Ragnar’s Encampment and a Viking Mead Hall will keep everyone cosy.

Each year the Flamborough Fire Festival is held in aid of local community groups and charities.

All children aged 15 and under and adults in full Viking costume are allowed in free of charge.

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Everyone else is encouraged to buy a £15 ticket online at the festival website or bring cash to pay at the gate.

Locals used to speak a dialect which was peppered with Norse words, and the headland used to be known as Little Denmark.

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