Gardening tips: Yorkshire allotment Youtuber shares garden hacks for the cold weather

A popular Youtube gardener has shared his gardening hacks for battling through the cold weather spell.

Keen gardeners may feel a loss with the changing weather and stalling their spring planting plans.

Plants and seeds are like humans, we like a bit of warmth,” said Jeremy Stroughair who runs Jeremy’s Yorkshire Allotment.

‘Wrap up your soil warm.”

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Jeremy's Yorkshire AllotmentJeremy's Yorkshire Allotment
Jeremy's Yorkshire Allotment

Jeremy said it’s always good to warm the soil first even in buckets and tubs on your balconies and verandas.

“You can plant all sorts at this time of year, believe it or not”, he added.

“Cover the ground with really heavy weed suppressant - it warms the soil as do carpets and cardboard, just to make sure it’s fastened down somewhat.”

Jeremy, who has an allotment in Sheffield, has started to grow leeks, carrots and many other seedlings.

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He said: “Carrots don’t need much soil but they do need a fly protector for when the seedlings grow.”

Jeremy added that red cabbage can be sewn straight away.

He said: “I’ve done it inside in my greenhouse and I’ve done tomatoes too which can be sown inside now.

“You can sow anything at this time of the year but cover them at night.”

He said that now’s a good time to grow your seed potatoes too.

“Wrap everything up because they like to be nice and warm.

“The seeds that I have recently sowed have started to break through the soil although the onion seeds are very white and willowy and they are heading upwards towards the light.”