Ghosts of Britain: How a pair of famous ghost hunters found love online

A ‘ghost hunting’ couple from Yorkshire who run the most popular paranormal Facebook page and a Haunted Objects Museum in Rotherham have shared how they met online before going ‘viral’ with their investigations.

Lee, 36, and Lindzi Steer, 53, who run Ghosts of Britain and Project, met on dating website Plenty of Fish seven years ago after sharing conversations about ghosts, angels and all things paranormal. Before meeting Lindzi, Lee had been one of the first live streamers on Facebook.

Lee, who first experienced spooky happenings with his first girlfriend almost quarter of a century ago, said: “I started looking for what's out there and writing web reports, which is where Ghosts of Britain came from.”

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Then after starting a Facebook page 12 years ago and meeting Lindzi seven years ago, Ghosts of Britain’s popularity has snowballed.

Ghosts of Britain: The couple who have had an incredible journeyGhosts of Britain: The couple who have had an incredible journey
Ghosts of Britain: The couple who have had an incredible journey

Lindzi said: “Before meeting Lee, I had nothing to do with the paranormal but I’m fascinated by aliens and stars.”

While Lindzi was relieved she’d met a genuine person with similar interests she was worried about the difference in their ages.

She said: “I thought ooh he is strange like me. He’s weird, I'm weird. I was more worried about the age gap than his paranormal investigations.”

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But the couple hit it off and together they became some of the UK’s most sought after paranormal investigators.

Inside the Haunted Objects museum in Rotherham.Inside the Haunted Objects museum in Rotherham.
Inside the Haunted Objects museum in Rotherham.

Lindzi said: “We’re lucky to be able to do what we do. It’s fascinating we go all over the place.”

Lee added that it’s a good job they both are into “this stuff” as they go out to investigate locations every single night to live stream to their 2.2 million fan base.

“We love our fans and followers, we have become part of their routine. We even took them with us when we got married. We live stream for an hour at 9pm then we go into the supporters group on Facebook. We tend to not stay over over night as we’re cold and knackered.”

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The couple said they live in a “normal house” as most of their haunted objects are in the museum except for a Vampire Slaying kit at their house.

Lindzi said: “We’ve got too many items now, we’re looking at opening a new museum in Barnsley.”

But unusually the difference between Lee and Lindzi is that Lindzi believes in ghosts while Lee is still sceptical.

As it was getting dark outside the Rawmarsh museum, Lindzi added: “We best get home for tea, because we’re then back out investigating in Hull tonight.”

So what’s next for the husband and wife duo?

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Lee said: “We've kind of achieved everything we wanted to and we even have our own TV show on Apple. We get all sorts of offers but we like to be independent as we just love and are passionate about what we’re doing.”

But the pair have got their sights set on a working holiday to Alcatraz.

Lindzi added: “We have so many followers in USA we’d love to investigate places over there.”

It’s their museum in Barnsley that they’ll be focused on next however.