'It looks like a craft': UFO ball which 'interacted with the light' spotted in the skies of West Yorkshire

A blue-purple ball UFO which 'interacted with the light' was spotted in the skies of West Yorkshire by a concerned resident, a freedom of information request revealed.

The object was spotted after a resident was woken by a 'bright white light'.

The resident reported the sighting to police after filming video footage of the 'craft' "turning to her as she looked at it".

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Weather conditions at the time were fine and it was not raining, the log states.

UFO spotting cc Adobe

The resident told police the UFO - which was spotted in Bradford in April 2018 - 'sounded like a helicopter'.

A police officer was not dispatched to the incident, the log confirmed.

Another caller in Bradford reported a 'triangle shaped red and blue' craft moving in the skies in August 2017.

The log states: "His friend stated it may have been a satellite but he does not think it is."

In August 2015, a Bradford resident also spotted an 'oblong shape with three flashing blue lights' moving exceptionally fast, according to the call log released by police.