Leeds brass band's crowdfunder goes viral as they pledge to do 100 gigs at streets across the UK

A Leeds brass band could be coming to your street thanks to an amazingly popular crowdfunding campaign.

Hyde Park Brass play original music and brass versions of popular songs

Hyde Park Brass, a 10-piece band, are set to hit the road playing brass versions of popular songs on ordinary streets as far as Edinburgh and Glasgow - and there is still chance to get in on the action.

Raising more than £6,500 so far of their £7,500 target and booking 91 gigs with three days to go, the lads are optimistic about their chances of making it to a round 100.

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Trombone player Charlie Knighton, 26, said the band will “bring out all the party classics to get the streets pumping!”.

He said: “It’s been such a tough time for the country and the thought of giving people that lift right where they’ve found themselves locked down and isolated could be something pretty special.

“Now that it’s really looking like we’ll hit our target the planning properly starts this week. Each set is going to be logistically planned to avoid any unexpected surprises but you never know there’s a lot of streets in there we’ve got to get done!”

Hyde Park Brass formed as a one-off at Leeds University in 2015 and enjoyed performing together so much that they decided to keep playing.

The band have now performed at festivals, open air events and are a huge hit in the Leeds Pride parade.