Lightcliffe Golf Club pigs update: Man who helped capture one of the huge beasts ushered it into a trailer with a child's booster seat

A Hipperholme man has shared how he used a child's booster seat to help guide a massive escaped pig off a busy road and into a trailer.

A police officer helps with ushering the pig
A police officer helps with ushering the pig

James Hart had popped out to pick up his wife's car and walk their dog when he spotted the huge creature on Knowle Top Road in Lightcliffe yesterday afternoon (Tuesday).

"I thought it was a big dog so I picked my dog up but as I got closer, I could see it was a pig," he said.

As reported by the Courier earlier today, two huge pigs - described by the professional there as looking like boars - caused two people to have to go to hospital for tetanus shots after causing mayhem on the green at Lightcliffe Golf Course.

The giant pig

Mr Hart rang the RSPCA and police to report the animal and said a woman had stopped her car because she had also seen it.

She told Mr Hart that she had pigs of her own, and together they tried to usher it off the road and down a snicket which leads to The Stray at Hipperholme so that it was not in the way of traffic.

But, despite their brave attempts, the pig was determined to be on Knowle Top Road and the pair had to guide cars around the creature to keep it and drivers safe.

"It tried to bite the woman two of three times and it tried to go for me," said Mr Hart, 45.

The helpers eventually managed to get the creature in a trailer

"It was a big thing and had some power behind it. The snout on it was massive.

"If you'd have hit it, it'd have written your car off."

With his dog safely in his wife's car, Mr Hart got his child's booster seat out to help try to guide the creature onto the golf course.

He said they were keen to get it off the road, especially in case it tried heading onto the A58.

The pig was one of two that had caused chaos at Lightcliffe Golf Club earlier in the day

A passing driver stopped to offer his trailer and eventually, with help from a police officer, the pig was steered off the road and into the waiting trailer.

Mr Hart said it was not how he had expected to spend his afternoon.

"It was hilarious," he said. "I only popped out to get the car."

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