LNER train unearthed by archaeologists in Antwerp in Belgium - but mystery remains on how it got there

Archaeologists were shocked after discovering an LNER train in Belgium.

It’s more than 400 miles from LNER’s current home in York.

The train was unearthed by archaeologists in Antwerp.

The operator of trains on the East Coast Mainline has been in touch with the team who dug up the wagon to find out more about the discovery.

It appears that the find is a wooden removals truck, used to carry people’s belongings when they moved house. It’s thought to be almost a hundred years old.

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It’s a mystery as to how the carriage came to be in Antwerp, and there’s little left of the relic as it disintegrated while being excavated.

LNER Communications Director Stuart Thomas said: “We’re fascinated by the history of our brand - just last year we celebrated 100 years since the LNER came into being. In our 101st year it’s incredible to discover a little bit of LNER history has been buried in a field in Belgium for so many decades.”

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