Meet the crow which thinks he's a rabbit after being fostered by five bunnies

A crow hand reared by a couple believes he's a rabbit and hops around a hutch - after being 'fostered' by their five bunnies.

Jake the crow was rescued by Andrew Silverwood, 57, after he was found in the middle of a busy road with a broken leg when he was around two weeks old. Andrew and wife Suzanne, 56, brought him into their home in Ossett and let Jake stay in the hutch with their rabbits, Chester, Bella, Cilla, Marian and Mary.

His stay with the family was meant to be temporary but they've decided to let him live with them. And he now always sleeps in the hutch and hops around with the bunnies. Hilarious videos show Jake cuddling with the rabbits and squawking with them - and one piece of footage even shows him eating hay.

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Andrew has said that the 'rabbits have accepted Jake as one of their own' and that 'everyone loves him.' He said: "He really does think he's a rabbit. The rabbits have accepted Jake as one of their own. He is so funny, he hops around with them. Jake has taken on the characteristics of the rabbits, and we know when he wants feeding because he lets out a big squawk.

Jake likes to cuddle with Chester the rabbit.Jake likes to cuddle with Chester the rabbit.
Jake likes to cuddle with Chester the rabbit.

"That's why we've named him Jake the really loud crow. He also squarks to them, like a chick would do to their mum. We've never kept him a cage, but he's just stayed. We have had so many people coming around to see him, everybody loves him."

Jake was found by a passerby after he had fallen out of the nest and had no way of getting back up to his mum and dad in the trees. The passerby then posted on a local Facebook group that they had found him and Andrew decided he would go and rescue him.

Andrew said: "The person that originally found him thought he was a poo bag at first because he was just in the middle of the road. I went down and picked him up but the parents were chasing me - they were swooping down on me. Obviously he wouldn't have survived because a cat or something would have got him."

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Now Jake has settled into Andrew's family home, he eats with the rabbits as he believes they are his parents.

Jake the crow with a bunnyJake the crow with a bunny
Jake the crow with a bunny

Andrew, who owns a dairy business, said: "When we first rescued him, we kept hand feeding him. He then kept going to the hutch every time he wanted food and we realised that was because, he thinks the rabbits are his parents. He now eats their food and picks it off them - he eats their food but does prefer the dog food we feed him."

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