Men 'miraculously' survive crash in 'exactly the same spot' where police officer died last year

Three young men managed to escape with only minor injuries after a crash in exactly the same spot as where a police officer died in a collision in Sheffield last year.

The car after the crash

Around midnight on Thursday, July 29, three young men were travelling in a black Mercedes driving along Nether Lane in Ecclesfield when they attempted to overtake a truck near the entrance to the building works near Linbrooke Services.

However, as they attempted the manouvre, witnesses say the truck started to turn right into the building site and the car had to swerve to avoid the rear of truck.

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The Mercedes left the road at the exact spot where a rainbow is painted on the curb in memory of PC Matt Lannie, who was killed there in a collision in April 2020.

The car hit the curb and flattened a fence.

Ecclesfield resident Adam Moore, who is first aid trained, heard the crash and rushed out to help.

"I was putting the kids to bed when I heard a loud bang,” he said. “I rushed out and saw the car, which was in a bad way. The bottom had been ripped out when it hit the curb.

“Somehow the car managed to miss another parked car and the guard hut at the entrance to the building works.

“The driver of the car was fine and the guy in the back had what could have been cracked ribs. It was a miracle they were not more seriously hurt.

“But the front passenger had hurt his neck and was walking around panicking so I helped him to the ground and sat with him and called an ambulance.

“Police arrived and said the passenger could have been seriously injured, but it took three and a half hours for the ambulance to arrive.”

He added: “I kept ringing them but they kept saying they had to deal with people who were not breathing first. I went to get him blankets form my house and sat with him. He was only 18.”

When the ambulance did arrive the passenger was taken to hospital, where it turned out he only had whiplash.

He has since contacted Mr Moore to say thank you.

Mr Moore said that the fact two serious crashes have taken place on that part of the road is worrying.

He said: “When I was there I realised it had happened at the exact same spot where the police office sadly died last year. It’s obviously a dangerous bit of road with all the traffic going into the building estate.”

On April 21 last year, PC Matt Lannie, a traffic officer, was responding to an emergency call when his police motorbike was involved in a collision with a Toyota Avensis, driven by a 64-year-old man, on Nether Lane.

The officer was responding to reports of a silver BMW failing to stop for officers at the time of the crash.

Thousands was raised in his memory after his death, with the money donated to Help for Heroes, which supports the wounded, sick and injured in the military.

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.