Moss Swing Bridge, Rodley: Controls and barriers to be adjusted on Leeds to Liverpool Canal bridge after it kept getting stuck

The managers of a newly-erected bridge over the Leeds to Liverpool Canal at Rodley have agreed to reconfigure its controls after numerous issues with its barriers becoming stuck.

The Moss Swing Bridge was installed over the waterway in January, paid for by the developer of the Airedale Mills housing scheme to provide vehicle and pedestrian access to the planned new housing. It replaced a much older bridge that was demolished last year.

However, mechanical issues have seen several boats using the canal become stranded and unable to pass beneath it, and when the barriers have been stuck in the ‘up’ position, visitors to Rodley Nature Reserve have been trapped on the opposite bank. One vessel was stuck for five hours when the manually-operated bridge failed.

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The developer, Dynamic Capital and Investments, initially blamed user error – boat owners have to operate the bridge themselves – and vandalism for the incidents, but it has now been accepted that remedial work is required to the system.

Leeds to Liverpool Canal at RodleyLeeds to Liverpool Canal at Rodley
Leeds to Liverpool Canal at Rodley

The bridge is also used as access for Rodley Cricket Club, and nature reserve staff and visitors have had to leave the site via a farmers’ field when the bridge has broken down. One local Conservative councillor, Amanda Carter. even described the structure as ‘useless’.

The Canal & River Trust said: “Canal & River Trust does not own or operate Moss Swing Bridge; it is privately owned by Rodley Bridge Management Company.

"Canal & River Trust is working with the developer to resolve operational issues with the bridge. These improvements include changing the control panel and barrier positions, as well as work to balance the bridge.”

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