Mystery in the North Sea as vessel sends Mayday call off Yorkshire coast reporting water on board and injured crew member - before search finds no trace

The Humber Coastguard has issued an appeal for information after failing to find any evidence of a vessel supposedly in distress after a Mayday call was made off Bridlington on Saturday.

A statement read: “At 12.25pm on Saturday today a vessel named Veronica called mayday requesting assistance off the East Yorkshire coast.

"The vessel stated they were seven miles south east of Bridlington and no further communications with the vessel have been received.

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"Anyone with information as to the identity of the vessel or who has information that will help with the search and rescue operation are requested to contact Humber Coastguard on 01262 672317.

Humber Coastguard helicopterHumber Coastguard helicopter
Humber Coastguard helicopter

“Just after 6pm the search for a man who broadcast a mayday message off Bridlington earlier today has been suspended, with nothing found.

"A mayday broadcast was intercepted reporting that a vessel was taking on water and that there was an injury on board. All communications with the vessel were then lost. The Coastguard helicopter, which had already been out on another job, was able to get on scene very quickly, swiftly followed by the Bridlington RNLI Lifeboat. The Bridlington and Hornsea Coastguard Rescue Teams also carried out coastal searches and HM Coastguard broadcast messages to all vessels in the area to keep a look out for the vessel. In the afternoon, the helicopter was replaced with a Coastguard fixed wing aircraft which also carried out a thorough search of the area.”