People's Postcode Lottery: Yorkshire neighbours' win to reignite grandfather's pigeon racing passion

Stunned neighbours who have scooped a share of a £455,000 lottery win have said it's a "dream come true" as they started planning holidays - and a new pigeon hut.

A dozen neighbours on Sheffield's Knutton Crescent have each landed a £30,000 cash prize and a £5,000 holiday in the People’s Postcode Lottery.

But for 75-year-old retired factory worker Jan Frost, a grandmother-of-10, her heart is set on a new pigeon hut for her husband Mick.

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Shocked, she said: “Flipping heck! It’s like a dream, it only happens to other people and not us – we’ve never won 'owt like this.

Jan Frost (75), alongside her husband Mick, won £35,000 in prizesJan Frost (75), alongside her husband Mick, won £35,000 in prizes
Jan Frost (75), alongside her husband Mick, won £35,000 in prizes

“Not in a thousand years did I expect this, it doesn’t not seem real. I feel like I’m in a film."

Mick has been racing pigeons since he was 10 or 12 years old, but stopped two years ago.

Mrs Frost said she hopes he can now reignite his hobby: “It means Mick can get his pigeon hut back. He’s missed his pigeons, he’s a pigeon racer.”

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The neighbours won when their postcode, S5 9NX, was announced as a winner on Monday, Feburary 6. One of the winners has doubled their prize thanks to playing with two tickets.

£35k lottery winner Jason Grant (45) with his wife Sarah£35k lottery winner Jason Grant (45) with his wife Sarah
£35k lottery winner Jason Grant (45) with his wife Sarah

Chef Jason Grant, 45, has recently had major heart surgery and said he is going to let his three three children choose a holiday destination.

His wife Sarah said: “It’s almost a year to the day that Jason had major heart surgery. He had two new heart valves replaced and a pacemaker fitted. He’s been furloughed and off work sick in the last three years, and I’ve been the only one working so it’s been really tough."

He added: “I had to have more heart surgery in December but thankfully I’m doing a lot better.”

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The couple said a holiday would definitely be on the cards, but the destination will be chosen by their three children: “The kids will desperately need a holiday after the last few years. I think it’ll be Disneyworld in Florida."

Knutton CrescentKnutton Crescent
Knutton Crescent

Tracey Littlewood meanwhile, a 58-year-old jewellery shop worker, is planning a bucket list holiday to New York and the Caribbean for her 60th birthday.

“It’s a dream come true," she said. "I can’t believe this has happened to our street, I didn’t think it would happen to normal people.

“I’ve got a big birthday next year. I’m 59 on Friday and I’m 60 next year. So, we’ll go to New York for four days and then take a cruise up around the Caribbean.

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“I’ve never had this amount of money and we both work hard and obviously we’ve had to save for what we’ve got. We don’t need to wait any longer and I can have my drive done. Along with a new driveway, we can also get a new kitchen put in and a new back garden.

“For a long time, I’ve wanted a Louis Vuitton purse and I think I might treat myself to one now.”

The Frosts are also now planning a long-awaited holiday, in addition to the pigeon hut.

Mrs Frost said: “We can go on holiday – I can’t wait! I like Cyprus – I was there years and years ago and I had a champagne breakfast, and it was absolutely beautiful.”