Residents of Barnsley village fed up with noise from lorries using their road as an overnight shortcut to Asos warehouse

Residents of a Barnsley village say they are being woken in the early hours of the morning by noisy HGVs passing through.

The village of Middlecliffe

Residents raised their concerns during a meeting of Little Houghton Parish Council on July 27.

One resident told the meeting that the number of HGVs passing through Middlecliffe had increased, as well as the “amount of racket that’s going on all night long.

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“We’ve got HGVs banging over the chicanes, we’ve got noisy cars coming down here as well.

“We want some support to find out what we can do about it - can we divert the HVGs from coming through the village? They’re coming from Great Houghton, and using the bypass from Hemsworth.”

Coun Kevin Osborne, who represents the Darfield ward on Barnsley Council, said: “I think one of the issues is that we are a cut-through, especially at that time in the morning.

“I think the only way to address it is to find out who is doing the journeys, and approach the transport manager or the company who does it.

“We did have a problem with vehicles coming through lost on the way to the Asos warehouse, we contacted them and XPO Logistics and they financed a sign.

“There will be a consultation for everyone in Middlecliffe and Billingley on the future of the chicanes, including options for what alternatives there might be.”

A Barnsley Council spokesperson said that the authority is “not aware of any reports to the traffic team within the last 12 months” in the area, adding that any issues can be reported to the council to be “investigated accordingly”.