Rose Hill field Doncaster: Controversial scheme for 121 new homes on greenfield site next to Yorkshire woodland delayed for 'redesign'

A planning decision on a controversial housing development on a greenfield site in Bessacarr near Doncaster has been postponed.

The development by Miller Homes would see 121 homes built on a field next to Sandall Beat Woods and Doncaster Racecourse at Rose Hill, which is currently a green space used by the public and a wildlife habitat. It was farmed in the past before being left to go fallow and has since naturally ‘rewilded’ over 30 years.

Rose Hill was formerly owned by Doncaster Council but became part of the Local Plan in 2017, marking it for development.

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Residents living near the Rose Hill field are campaigning against it being developedResidents living near the Rose Hill field are campaigning against it being developed
Residents living near the Rose Hill field are campaigning against it being developed

Since the planning application was first lodged last year, locals and councillors have been waiting a final decision to be made.

During a full council meeting, Coun. Nick Allen asked:

“Thirteen months ago, I asked you to provide an update regarding the sale of land near Rose Hill in Bessacarr. As you know, this is an extremely controversial subject, the planning proposal has provoked a significant backlash as residents do not want to lose access to much needed green space.

“Could you explain why the proposal has not gone before the Planning Committee yet. What has caused the delay and does the Council stand to benefit from the sale? If so, how much money is the town going to make?”

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Mayor Ros Jones said: “The scheme design has been remodelled to fully meet council aspirations, including more trees and more green space. This has created a delay in bringing it to a meeting but will see a more improved and sustainable development scheme; the scheme will be considered shortly after this is finalised.

“The funding from the sale of the land will go towards investment that is discussed in the capital strategy, although a final sale price has not yet been established.”

It is unclear exactly what the planning remodel entails, and whether the number of houses will be reduced.

Later in the meeting, Coun. Steve Cox asked: “Should councillors be given a direct input into the sales of land in their own ward given the sale of Rose Hill and others elsewhere?”

This question will be considered further by the cabinet for a response. The application is expected to decided on at a planning meeting later.