Scarborough walrus: All the best photos of Thor as large crowds gather to see rare Arctic visitor to Yorkshire

Thor the walrus is giving the Yorkshire coast’s tourism industry an unexpected mid-winter boost.

The rare Arctic visitor appeared on the slipway at Scarborough Harbour on Friday night and has remained there throughout Saturday, resting.

A young male, Thor has ventured far from his usual polar habitat in the past few months and has been spotted on the south coast as well as in France and the Netherlands.

Large crowds have now gathered behind a police cordon to watch Thor and volunteers from Scarborough Sea Life Centre are monitoring the scene in case he is disturbed.

The Lions Club have confirmed that the town’s New Year’s Day dip will still go ahead despite Thor’s presence and swimmers will not pass close to him.

Wildlife charities have warned onlookers to keep their distance and keep dogs away from the walrus, and residents have also expressed concern that he will be distressed by fireworks being let off on New Year’s Eve.

Thor is believed to be the first walrus ever to have visited Yorkshire, though two others, Wally and Freya, have been recorded in the UK since 2021.

The mammals often spend several days resting in the same spot before returning to the sea.

Thanks to all Yorkshire Post and The Scarborough News readers who sent us photos and videos of Thor today – keep scrolling to see a selection.