Storm Babet: Mariners approaching Whitby Harbour warned after buoy is damaged, moved out of position and showing a permanent white light

Whitby’s harbour master has warned mariners using the port that one of its main hazard buoys has been severely damaged by Storm Babet.

Captain Chris Burrows issued a notice which read: “North Cardinal buoy has sustained damage during Storm Babet. Currently, the buoy is lit by a constant white light and is missing the top mark and radar reflector. It is also reported as out of position and is now located approximately 200 metres away.

"Marines are advised to exercise extreme caution when navigating the area until repairs can be implemented.”

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Captain Burrows, a former Merchant Navy officer, also manages Scarborough Harbour and Coble Landing at Filey. Maritime traffic at both ports has evolved from ‘white fish’ trawlers to shellfish boats, with an increase in yachts and other leisure craft as well as vessels servicing the Dogger Bank offshore wind farms. He also has responsibility for the Sandsend, the local dredger.

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