Take a look inside one of the smallest shops in Britain - housed in a former toilet

A woman has opened one of Britain's smallest shops - housed in a former toilet measuring just 6.6sqm.

Hannah Maher, 38, opened the doors to Belles Magic Box on Saturday (March 11). She rents the space - which she described as "snug" - for just £50 a week. The shop in Horbury, West Yorkshire, is believed to be one of Britain's smallest.

Other tiny spaces include The Phone Box in Teignmouth, Devon, which measures 7sqm, and The Little Shop in Hudswell, North Yorkshire, which measures 9sqm.

Hannah recently quit her teaching role to open her shop.

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Hannah Maher, 38 of Wakefield at her tiny gift shopHannah Maher, 38 of Wakefield at her tiny gift shop
Hannah Maher, 38 of Wakefield at her tiny gift shop

The mother-of-three hopes to turn a profit with her "magical" stock - which includes jewellery, dreamcatchers, crystals and incense.

She's previously sold at markets and festivals across the country but last month secured her own selling space.

Hannah, from Wakefield, said: "Funnily enough, the building used to be an open air toilet. It's approximately 6.6sqm which is very snug, but it has enough storage and shelf space for everything I need. I'm hoping to appeal to younger kids and their parents with my magical stock - as they pass right by my front door on the school run.

"I quit my day job as a teaching assistant to do this full-time, and I have a lot of faith in my business. I've already sold loads at market and at festivals, so I felt it was time to take it to the next level.