This is why Yorkshire homes are being invaded by STD carrying ladybirds - and if they're dangerous to humans

Ladybirds have been invading houses up and down the country, and it seems they are now making their way to Yorkshire.

Social media is awash with people sharing pictures of clusters of the red and black insects sitting on door frames, window sills and garden walls.

READ: Hurricane Michael: Monster Category Four storm set to slam into Florida with winds of 130mphRachel May Wilson tweeted: "Ok, at first I thought this whole 'invasion of the #ladybirds' was an exaggeration or only a problem in the countryside, but there are currently 5 crawling over the window in my office in #Leeds and I can see numerous others flying around outside. The threat is real people! :-)"

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Geraldine Morris wrote: "Has anyone else noticed the ladybird invasion today? I’ve never seen so many ladybirds in one go - loads of them sunbathing on the front of my house."

The flying critters have been spotted in Leeds, Ilkley and Kirkstall Abbey among many other places, with people reporting larger numbers than usual, while some are saying they've been attacked by a cloud of them while hanging out washing or pruning the shrubbery.

It is thought the hot summer was the cause of the boost in numbers of insects across the board.

`READ: Blood-sucking flies to toxic caterpillars: the insects set to swarm England this summerAccording to experts, they are more than likely Harlequin Ladybirds, a breed from Asia and North America that travel across on mild autumn winds.

Are they dangerous?

They are thought to be safe to humans, but they are said to carry a horrible STD called the Laboulbeniales fungal disease, which poses a great threat to our domestic species of ladybird.