Top UK podcasters JaackMaate tour in Yorkshire: “We’ve heard the most extreme confessions in Sheffield’

They’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in comedy, sport and TV, making waves in the podcast world with one of the most popular shows, JaackMaate, and now they’re back performing live in Yorkshire.

Presented by Stevie White and Robbie Knox, Happy Hour is the most popular British podcast on Spotify and regularly tops the most listened to charts.

The show transformed from JaackMaate’s popular Youtube channel into a podcast interviewing top celebrities and random chatter about a range of different topics.

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So far the three podcasting hosts have performed to nearly 16,000 people across the UK.


Robbie said: “As part of the show, audiences confess their sins. Our audience in Sheffield shared the most extreme confessions out of all our audiences.”

From pregnancy announcements to unpublishable confessions, Happy Hour Live features plenty of shenanigans and fan favourites like Martin the GuineaPig Centipede, Creepy Library and Mack Bean, as well as fan unfavourites, like Urban Legends.

When the trio are touring Yorkshire, Stevie said how he loves anything to do with “trains and infrastructure.”

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Happy Hour has so far visited Sheffield and is due to go to Leeds and Hull.

Stevie added: “When we’re in Hull I like going to The Deep and Humber Bridge and in York the National Railway Museum.”

As part of the show they’ll be doing a Q&A so fans can finally get an answer to their burning questions from the Happy Hour gang.