VIDEO: For trusted legal advice solicitors are here to help, says The Law Society

For trusted legal advice get a solicitor - they are the experts and here to help, says The Law Society.

Solicitors are here to help
Solicitors are here to help

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Here The Law Society explains the benefits of a solicitor.

In an age of quick fixes, when people want answers yesterday and action in an instant – free of charge – it is easy to turn to the internet for legal advice at key times in your life.

Solicitors are here to help

However, do-it-yourself legal services are often unregulated and offer no means of comeback if the advice you are given proves fruitless or, even worse, is contrary to the law.

You are much more likely to get the outcome you desire if you use a legally qualified professional.

There are many times in life when we should ask a solicitor for advice, such as:

When buying or selling a property – it’s important to use a solicitor to ensure you avoid unexpected pitfalls that could be costly or result in your property sale falling through.

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When cohabiting with a partner – if you’re living with a partner but not married or in a civil partnership it’s important to see a solicitor who will advise you of your rights and offer advice on a cohabitation contract and any joint assets.

If you die and don’t have a will your share of your house or savings will not automatically pass to your partner, and if you have children they will be entitled to your estate, creating a financial headache for your surviving partner.

Getting divorced or ending a civil partnership – this can result in big life changes for you and your family. Many solicitors offer clients the option to complete a ‘collaborative divorce’, which can be the fastest and cheapest way to legally end a relationship and involves the couple working together to keep the process out of the courts.

When making a will – if your family circumstances have changed, you are cohabiting, have children, own property or have savings, making a will means your estate will go to the right people and any partner, children or dependents you have will be cared for.

If you get married in England or Wales, any will that you have previously put in place in England and Wales will automatically become void, unless it makes specific reference to your intended marriage, and the law will decide who inherits your estate.

When starting a business – when running a business there are lots of things to think about and getting legal advice from a solicitor early on is extremely valuable. Once your business is up and running, it’s a good idea to keep in regular contact with your solicitor so they can advise you on any legal issues.

For legal advice you can trust every single time, you should always use a solicitor.

Solicitors are experts in their field; they will provide specialist advice purely for you and your needs; they are honest and transparent; and they are very approachable and accessible. They will talk you through their costs and will put payment plans in place for you.