'We are investigating urgently': Yorkshire Bank give advice to customers left without funds due to banking issue

Yorkshire Bank are continuing to investigate an issue which has left hundreds of people without funds.

On Friday morning, many customers logged into their banking account to discover wages and other funds had not been paid.

Yorkshire residents took to social media in anger at the situation - with many unsure how they will cope without vital funds they were expecting today.

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Virgin Money PLC, who own Yorkshire Bank, were contacted by the Yorkshire Evening Post for an update.

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They said: "We are continuing to investigate this matter urgently.

"If the customer has been left with no money can you please ask them to contact the customer assist team ASAP to discuss emergency funds and additional options.

"The customer assist number is: 0800 345 7365."

Angie McGaharon, 47, from Morley, said she was in 'real trouble' due to the issues.

She is waiting on over £800 in Universal Credit payment.

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Angie, who suffers from fibromyalgia, said the stress of awaiting the payment has made her 'very poorly'.

She said: "I am still waiting on my Universal Credit payment.

"The bank have told me that their BACS system is down and they are working on it.

"I should have my payment this afternoon.

"If I don't get paid I'm in real trouble as I'm not out of gas and electric and have an eight year old child.

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"[The bank] said it should be this afternoon but have not given any guarantee.

"The stress has made me very poorly this morning as Universal Credit is my only income and I've waited a month for this payment."

The problems come a year after similar banking issues with TSB.