Yorkshire artist creates incredible pumpkin carvings of David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg

It's a long-held tradition, delighting thousands of children every Hallowe’en.

But pumpkin carving has taken a new twist this year for Hebden Bridge based artist Liz Warrington.

The talented creative has carved intricate portraits of Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg to mark the Cop26 summit which begins later this month in Glasgow.

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Ms Warrington is part of the Sand In Your Eye collective, based in West Yorkshire.

Liz Warrington with her David Attenborough portrait.Liz Warrington with her David Attenborough portrait.
Liz Warrington with her David Attenborough portrait.

The artist used specialist tools to skillfully carve the features of the world’s two best known environmental activists.

Mr Attenborough is depicted with his trademark wry smile, while Ms Thunberg image is carved with her head on her clasped hands.

Ms Warrington said: “They’re obviously very important figures as far as climate change goes. “With Cop26 coming up, we thought it was really good to address the things Sir David and Greta are concerned about.

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“This is a new technique to us - pumpkin etching. You don’t cut through, you hollow out the pumpkin from the back, and then we carve using clay tools. “The further you carve, the more the light shines through - so you can get a lot of different tones.

“When it lights up, you get a 3D effect, it’s more painterly and a lot of a fun.

“It’s like a reverse sculpture.”

Each pumpkin took Ms Warrington a day and a half to carve.