Pervert asked girlfriends to wear uniform

Murderer Levi Bellfield was sexually attracted to schoolgirls in uniform, it can be revealed following the end of the Milly Dowler murder trial.

The pervert would ask his girlfriends to dress up as schoolgirls to turn him on.

And he would often cruise around in his car looking for youngsters to leer at or make sexual innuendos to.

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On one occasion he was seen by a policeman trying to solicit two schoolgirl cousins at a bus stop.

He made “highly sexual and provocative” remarks to them because Bellfield had “an unhealthy interest in young girls”, the judge was told.

The killer’s victims were young, slightly built and vulnerable as they walked home alone near bus stops.

Bellfield’s partners told police of his kinky sexual demands but Mr Justice Wilkie would not allow the evidence to go before the jury because he ruled it would be prejudicial.

Tracey Hedding had a relationship with Bellfield in 2002 when she was a teenager.

She told police he had a particular interest, a sexual and aggressive interest, in her dressing up in a school uniform.

Johanna Collings, the mother of some of Bellfield’s 11 children, said he would ask her to dress in uniform, which she avoided. She said he “would think nothing of driving around leering at schoolgirls” and shouting obscenities at them.

Bellfield’s long-term partner Emma Mills told of similar encounters.