Physiotherapist from Sheffield jailed after he admitted to secretly filming patients for 'his own sexual gratification'

A physiotherapist from Sheffield has been jailed, after he admitted to secretly filming female patients for 'his own sexual gratification'.

Paul Leach, 46, has been jailed for 12 week after he admitted to three counts of filming a person doing a private act

During a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court on June 20, Judge Paul Watson QC sentenced Paul Leach, of Ravencarr Road, Castlebeck to 12 weeks in prison after he admitted to three counts of filming a person doing a private act.

Leach, aged 46, carried out all three offences at private physiotherapy practices he worked at in Rotherham, with the first committed on January 7 and the other two on January 15.

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In addition to his sentence, Judge Watson QC also placed Leach on the sex offenders' register for a period of seven years.

Police have not yet confirmed the name of the private practices Leach carried out the offences at.

He was also suspended from practicing as a physiotherapist after the profession's governing body, the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) after Leach was found to have filmed a female patient on his mobile phone on January 15, 2016.

A report that went before the HCPTS Investigating Panel revealed that Leach 'later admitted that he had been filming patients secretly for a least 12 months for his own sexual gratification'.

The report also stated: "The Registrant [Leach] was charged with three acts of voyeurism and there was later added an allegation of sexual assault upon a female who was over 16 years.

"On November 3, 2016 the Registrant pleaded guilty to three counts of voyeurism and not guilty to the charge of sexual assault.

"The crimes that the Registrant has pleaded guilty to were, apparently, committed within the work place."

Leach's suspension order remains in place, and it is due to be discussed by the panel before it expires on August 18 this year.

A not guilty verdict was reached on the sexual assault allegation, after the prosecution entered no evidence.

As well as working at private practices, Leach also worked at Rotherham General Hospital earlier on in his career - but he is not thought to have been working at the hospital at the time of the offences in question.

Cheryl Clements, Director of Workforce at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said: “The allegations against Mr Leach occurred a number of years after his employment with The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust came to an end.

"We have no information which leads us to believe that he may have committed similar offences while employed at the Trust.”