Plea for impatient drivers to stop 'endangering lives' of Harrogate bin crews

Harrogate Borough Council has made an impassioned plea for impatient drivers to stop endangering the lives of our district's bin crews, after two near misses.

Harrogate Borough Council shared their plea on Twitter today.

In a statement issued on Twitter, the council confirmed that they have reported the incidents to North Yorkshire Police, where drivers have dangerously mounted the pavement to overtake bin wagons.

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Their statement reads: "In the last few weeks, we've had two near misses involving impatient drivers. Our wagons have CCTV cameras at the front, sides and rear, so we've sent the evidence to North Yorkshire Police.

"It wouldn't be acceptable to mount the pavement to pass a school bus while children are being dropped off. The same applies to our bin crews who are entitled to do their job without the risk of being run over.

"We empty bins across the district more than 4,000,000 times a year, so it's quite likely you’ll end up being caught behind one of our bin wagons at some point, especially if the road is narrow. But there's never an excuse to endanger the lives of crews by mounting pavements.

"Thanks for your patience and understanding while collections take place."