Police charge 15 drink or drug drivers from Leeds so far this month

West Yorkshire Police have arrested over 100 drivers for drink or drug driving so far this month.

Nearly half of those charged were over 35

As their festive campaign reaches the end of its second week, officers have made 104 arrests.

One in five of the arrests since December 1 has been for drug driving. Two have been charged with the rest awaiting the outcome of tests.

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Nearly half of those who were charged were over 35.

They included 15 motorists from Leeds, 10 from Kirklees and six from Calderdale. There were also 15 drivers charged in Bradford and nine in Wakefield.

Police sergeant Gary Roper of the Roads Policing Support Unit said over 45 per cent of those charged were over the age of 35.

He added: "These are people who have been targeted by generations of campaigns and yet still get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

“We would much rather people didn’t get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or consuming drugs, however we have teams of officers policing the county to arrest those that do.

"The likelihood is that if you do drink or take drugs and drive this December, there is a very good chance you will be stopped by the police and action taken against you."