Police investigate man's death in Scunthorpe 'toxic algae' pond

Police are investigating the death of a 23-year-old man found in a pond, following a toxic algae outbreak.

Warning signs have gone up at the lake warning people not to swim there (stock pic)

Maciej Dymowski, from Scunthorpe, was found in the water at Ashby Ville on Monday.

It came days after the Environment Agency confirmed that the blue green algae outbreak was toxic and the local council warned that visitors and their pets should not go in or near the water.

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Humberside Police said a post mortem examination would take place this afternoon.

A statement added: "We are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

"There has been some local social media speculation that his death may have been caused by the blue green algae outbreak but at this stage we cannot say that this was a factor."

North Lincolnshire Council said last week that despite warning signs and staff on site speaking to visitors, people were still swimming in the pond.

A type of blooming algae, cyanobacteria, can produce toxins which can kill wild animals, livestock and pets.

They can also harm people, producing rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed, the Environment Agency has advised.