Police issue advice over spate of burglaries in Sheffield and Rotherham

Police advice has been issued following a spate of burglaries in Sheffield and Rotherham.
A police warning has been issued about burglars in SheffieldA police warning has been issued about burglars in Sheffield
A police warning has been issued about burglars in Sheffield

South Yorkshire Police said over recent weeks an increase in burglaries had been reported in Handsworth, Aston and Swallownest.

Investigations into the incidents are underway.

Crime reduction officer Dene Tinker said: "Investigations into all of the incidents are currently ongoing and to raise awareness and work to prevent further burglaries, officers are providing advice on the action that can be taken to increase security measures to keep your homes and properties secure.

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"If you do not have an alarm, consider getting one. As a minimum, choose one that you can self-monitor, it will alert you via mobile phone of any activation. If you own a business, try to insure that internal racking systems and stock do not obstruct alarm sensors.

"Make sure all external doors are secure, whether they are steel or solid wood you can enhance their security by using additional locks, rack bolts and hinge bolts. Fit metal plates to strengthen the lock area and a metal strip to cover the gap between the door and frame, to stop them from being forced open.

"Although CCTV can be a valuable deterrent, it needs the cameras to be correctly located. Cameras should be able to produce good quality images at night so additional lighting may be required.

"Make sure that your windows are fitted properly and have window locks that require a key to open them. Consider installing window bars, retractable grills or, wrought ironwork. Alternatively external shutters can also be used on business premises.

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"Also ensure that it is particularly difficult to gain access through the fabric of the building including the roof area.

"Avoid keeping large amounts of cash on the premises, if any at all. If you have a safe, make sure it is firmly secured to the floor and wall.

"High value stock items should also be kept in secure internal security cages.

"Mark your property, such as laptops, with a UV marker pen or other property marking system."