Police praise public-spirited man who went to officer's aid

POLICE have praised a man from Rotherham for his "public spirited" actions after he helped to restrain an offender who was attacking a police officer with a broken bottle.

Sarad Yousaf, from Eastwood, has now been honoured with a certificate of commendation from the South Yorkshire Police Authority for assisting Pc Paul Brackpool during the assault last April.

The police officer was on duty in Rotherham when he was called to

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attend an incident in Fitzwilliam Road, where a man was reportedly hitting himself around the head with a bottle and causing several lacerations to his face.

When he approached the man, Pc Brackpool was physically and verbally attacked as he tried to restrain him.

Mr Yousaf, who was pulling into the driveway at the front of his house, noticed the two men and made his way over to assist.

The 27-year-old, who works as a telecommunications manager, said: "I was about to park at the front of my house when I saw Pc Brackpool in trouble in the car park across the road.

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"Initially I thought the officer was restraining him but then the man began to attack him.

"At that point I made my way over to the scene and helped to restrain the man so he was no longer able to continue his attack.

"I feel honoured to have received this commendation from the police authority. I don't really think of my actions as being out of the ordinary as, for me, it was simply my instinct to do what I did.

"I am just glad that I was able to help Pc Brackpool and that he didn't suffer any severe injuries."

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During the attack the police officer sustained a number of facial injuries, before other officers arrived at the scene and arrested his attacker.

Charles Perryman, chairman of South Yorkshire Police Authority, said: "If it was not for the public-spirited actions of Sarad during the incident, the injuries sustained by Pc Brackpool could have been far more severe.

"Sarad is a fantastic ambassador for the local community and he is fully deserving of the commendation, having gone above and beyond to help a local police officer in trouble."