Police rescue couple who hid in river to escape herd of angry cows while walking in Yorkshire

A couple out walking in Yorkshire had to be rescued by police after taking refuge in a river to escape a herd of cows and bulls.

The River Swale

North Yorkshire Police said the couple were panicked by the herd and waded into the River Swale.

-> Crime wave hits picturesque Yorkshire townThey held on to a tree branch in the river and emergency services were contacted.

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Police arrived at the scene and rescued the couple, who were fortunately uninjured in the unusual incident.

Fire crews from Thirsk and Ripon arrived at the scene after the couple had been taken out of the water, but were not required to take any action.

-> Lorry driver 'lucky to escape' after two HGVs collideA North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "There was a couple out walking. They came across a herd of cows and bulls.

"They panicked and took refuge in the river and held on to a branch. Emergency services were contacted and police rescued them."

The incident happened near Asenby in the Thirsk area at around 5pm on Sunday.