Police turn to video in bid to cut burglaries

Police in West Yorkshire have released a second video in a campaign to prevent burglaries.

The number of burglaries tends to rise at this time of year as the clocks go back and nights become darker, say police.

The latest video in the force's Usual Suspect's campaign demonstrates just how easy it is for 'Slim Pickings' to sneak through open doors and steal belongings left on show.

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West Yorkshire Police crime reduction officer Chris Joyce said: "Tackling burglary is an important priority for West Yorkshire Police all year round, but extended hours of darkness may provide additional opportunities for offenders.

"When it starts to get darker burglars can easily spot unoccupied houses without any lights on.

"Often people are not home from work until a couple of hours after it has gone dark. But the simple precaution of using lights and on a timer switch can make the difference between your house being targeted by burglars, or it being left alone.

My Joyce added: "We will be doing everything we can to try and prevent burglaries by targeting those who commit these offences, but we also need householders to work with us by taking our advice on board and not leaving their homes in darkness and keeping their homes locked, even when they are in."

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Residents are urged to keep an eye out on their neighbours' homes and call police if they see anything suspicious. They should also leave a light on inside, use a timer switch to turn on lights, and keep doors locked even when at home.

The video can be seen on www.westyorkshire.police.uk/usualsuspects